Shaming You Into Wanting Her

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One MGTOW’s testimony on the lunatic hypocrisy of women telling you to “man up” and get in a relationship with her. She thinks nothing of you, but wants to be in “a relationship” with you. Sick. The thought never occurred to her that she might be more successful if she tried being a lovely person for a change. You know the drill:

• “If you don’t marry me, you’re going to die alone!”
…. and other such nonsense.

Guess what honey, women outlive their husbands by 6-8 years. So even if I were stupid enough to sign a marriage contract to your sorry, nagging attitude…. YOU would be the one who is more likely to “die alone”. Have you even thought about that, dummy?

• “Married men live longer!”

Yeah, and an indoor CAT also “lives longer”. It’s basically a fur-ball with a broken spirit that looks out at a world it can never enjoy, but yes — technically — it “lives longer”. – Bill Maher


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