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Ned Trent

quote: "Just because men's and women's genitalia happen to fit together then why are we supposed to spend the


I'm Untamed.
I was born in Nofucksville, Misandry in the region of Blame'n'Abuse.
I go

Jan Sobieski

I am Jan Sobieski; fear my winged Hussars.


EIT | Runner | Technology


Former military currently working in Education. Looking forward to retirement soon and then supporting the local economy on a much grander scale.

THX 1138

American Jewish Libertarian Atheist who only worships four things; Ron Paul, George Carlin, Sovereignty, and Logic.


Was the textbook definition of blue pill for so long. Blue pill - guilty. White Knight - guilty. Mangina - guilty. I just didn&#039


I was born in 1967, tall (1,90 m), at age 49 still full blonde hair, blue eyed, Caucasian, soft deep voice, mechanically skilled, physically


On The Road To Victory
The Word of God Will See Me Through


Legendary Cross AKA Mgtow Jesus Christ (Defender of Mgtow.Com)

I am your brother that has partakin in the suffering, a real life Jesus