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I am a US Army veteran, that is now full time gamer, acoustic guitar player and avid book reader. I gave up on women, as only those that are all partied out and well passed around seem to be on the market. I am not somebody's last resort to not be lonely. However, I am very much enjoying my alone time. Due this experience, I have been a MGOTW guy before I even heard of it.
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While I was still married, and not yet aware that divorce was around the corner, a police officer called me, to meet with him. Once in person, he then tells me how I was accused of attacking my ex, by my ex. He told me how my ex's story was very badly made up, and she eventually dropped everything, once he questioned her more. He warned me to not be alone with her anymore, and that he would still write a police report, even though she dropped it, and would make sure the police report covers the whole thing. He even listed her, the caller, as the suspect. Turns out, she planned an abused spouse separation. If she left me due to abuse, she would get alimony for a while, if not life, getting part of my military pay. I still have the copy of the police report to remind me of how much you can trust women. The best part, the judge told her to change her last name from mine, that she did not deserve any money, and made her pay for the divorce.

Remember men, we're fighting for this woman's honour; which is probably more than she ever did. ~ Groucho Marx in Duck Soup (movie)