WTF? Father sentenced to 6 months in jail for over-paying child support

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    Thats what can happen to you .

    Solution .

    Only Solution is MGTOW

    Im sorry but that the way the world REALLY is …………………………………..

    frankly my dear i don't give a damn

    John Wick
    John Wick

    This almost happen to me, so I believe it.

    Years ago I the first year we were divorced, I paid her the annual amount on Jan 1st of that year.($28,496.00) That way I would have to talk her deal with her every month.

    Well, being the blood sucking C~~~ she was, she was broke within the fist few months. In May of that year she and her attorney, that I ended up paying the fees for as well as mine, file a contempt motion in Court.

    I LOST!

    Simply due to the fact the CS Order stated I was to pay $548.00 “per week” and therefore was found in Contempt with a suspended jail sentence. The Court then modified things to wit, I was forced to “Direct Deposit” the amount into her account every week.

    Not one time ever did I miss, was late or delayed these payments before. (The State never had to pay her and then come after me for the money)

    NEVER go outside of what the Court Order says! EVER!!!!

    Don't ever get married. Find a woman you fucking HATE and buy her a house. It's cheaper and easier.

    Scott Turner
    Scott Turner

    In Australia child support is not apart of the family court ruling. Its dealt with CSA which is a federal department and is almost like the tax man.

    During my divorce my ex was claiming I was not paying child support as evidence I was financially abusing her. As a result I deliberate over paid 1k a month, so when I got to court I could submit documents from the government showing that I had over paid. When I requested my payment history CSA told myself off for over paying and I said I did it to counter the allegation. As a result they sent my ex a letter after our court case saying I was 5 months in credit for child support and did not need to pay her.

    As a result I still do this today, I deliberately over pay $150 a month so every Christmas my ex has to find money somewhere else and do not pay her for that month as I be in credit. I know she cannot budget so she end up hitting her family every Christmas who helped her alienate my kid from me. So every year they know their decisions has resulted in them having to financially support her.

    I am not working at the moment and my child support has been reduced to $35 a month. When we were together my ex would easily go through 2k a week. She thought she be on easy street and life has not panned out as she planned. I used to have a high paying job but now deliberately work contract 6 months at most of the year. I do this so I take life easy and focus on skill development, my physical and mental health.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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