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    Glad it ended okay. If it didn’t and your friend had set you up. I’d have recommended doing what a former poster always advocated and…

    F~~~ his sister

    Figures never lie, but liars always figure


    Yep,been in this situation myself, a set up in more ways than one. Just enjoy the trip do what you want to do & be prepared not to see your buddy for a while afterwards.Took 3 years for the pussy hypnosis to wear off for him.
    You are going to be labelled a selfish bastard at best by his GF unless you play the walking ATM for her friend. Pump & dump her will save you having to attend the wedding ,trust me you won’t be invited. 🙂

    The question of the pros & cons of women is also the answer

    Prophet Micah
    Prophet Micah

    You’re a brave man.

    Glad all went well!

    No Wife - No Strife


    I would have . . .

    1. given off good vibes,
    2. lots of smiles,
    3. flirted a little,
    4. talked about the future and dreams of buying a big house in the suburbs (or country as the conversion leads),
    5. paid fake attention to her blabbering,
    6. draw her in,
    7. leave an opening for her to walk through

    Then just as she tries to step over the line let her know that I think she is lovely but I only like her as “a friend” . . . . boom baby

    enjoy your cats princess

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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